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Over 10 years' experience | CE, UL, cUL and TÜV marks
With a Tidy and Spacious Workshop
Jiande Hunlee Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd is located in ancient Meicheng Town, Jiande City, which is situated in a state-level tourist area Xin'an River.has a building area of 20,000 square meters, with a tidy and spacious workshop and a modernized office.
Our company has been mainly engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing different functions of power strips and extension lines. We own punching machines, injection machines, wire line equipment, high precision inspection testing equipment,such as (Receptxacle integration capability tester,cable plug tester,Welding tensile testing machine,Insulation resistance tester) assembly lines and other facilities, thus we greatly reduce the production cost and improve our competitiveness.
Holding CE, KEMA, UL, cUL, TuV, INMETRO and IMQ Certificates
we are carrying out the ISO 9001 regulations strictly.Because of our strictness, we have obtained the CE, KEMA, UL, cUL, TuV, INMETRO and IMQ certificates. Now we are under the test of BS.
Exporting to the US, Brazil, Russia, the UK, France, Germany and Turkey
Our products sell well in the US, Brazil, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Turkey and other countries. We are widely accepted by our customers because of our high product quality and excellent service.
Jiande Hunlee Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.




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Add:No.186 Nanfeng Road Chennan Industrial Park, Meicheng Town In Jiande City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Jiande Hunlee Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.


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